Our clients are important to us, here’s what they have to say…

“I chose to work with Armida Rose because of their professionalism, honesty, knowledge of the area, and follow through.”

“They don’t need to advertise, because so many grateful customers refer them, keeping their fees low and passing the savings on to you.” – Diana

“Because I knew they’d do whatever it took to make it a success. The women on this team are hustlers and I wanted a woman to move like I do!” – Ray A.

“I needed fast and amazing results and knew they would be the best. They proved me right!” – John

“I’m the daughter of a construction engineer/builder/architect and grew up in real estate. I can truthfully convey to you that Armida Rose will make a sale or a purchase easier, because they cover all the details, right down to an excellent attorney, should you need one.” – Diana

Why did you choose Armida Rose?

Why did you choose Armida Rose?

“Because of their professionalism, honesty, knowledge of the market and exceptional follow-through.” – J. A.

“In addition to being very professional and always responding quickly, I chose to work with Armida Rose because of their longstanding dedication to our community and our non-profit organizations.” – Jami

“They came highly recommended by a reputable business contractor. And, with Armida Rose, there’s no high sales pressure.” – Jill and Jarred H.

“Because their agents are extraordinary—it’s that simple and that important.” – J. Addison

Why Armida Rose versus another realtor?

Why Armida Rose versus another realtor?

“Armida Rose has integrity, honesty and a great old-fashioned work ethic of days gone by.” – Diana B.

“I’ve worked with Armida Rose in the past and found them to be reliable, caring and extremely hard working.” – Jaime R.

“I needed the right Agency to sell my property. Someone with experience. A small, efficiently run company that is familiar with our area.” – Patrick P.

“They’re meticulous in the best way possible: they went to great lengths to understand our needs and to educate us on some of the unique challenges and opportunities of owning a home in the neighborhood we wanted (Schenectady/Stockade).” – J. Addison

“They are super responsive and definitely put their clients first. We felt heard and respected, not pushed: they guide their clients but let them decide what works best for them.” – W. Zeng

“They have a good reputation for sealing deals, and I liked the exposure they gave my property: well-designed signs, property listings and stunning photos.” Amy D.

“Armida Rose helped make our entire transition—from short-term rental to the final closing on our home—seamless and worry-free. Without hesitation, we’d recommend them as the realtor of choice by far.” – Jared S.

“We didn’t know of any reliable contractors to repair and stage the house for selling. Armida Rose helped connect us to the right people.” – Wei

“We were hoping to sell our property within a year or two, but Armida Rose sold it within a few months and for what we were asking.” – Diana

“As a brand new entrepreneur, I knew nothing about commercial leasing. Armida Rose took the guesswork out of the process!” – Anthony

“We faced several challenges: how to stay up to date on all the listings for our very specific neighborhood, how to secure a short-term rental in the same neighborhood and closing on the house of our dreams. (Spoiler alert—we did it!)” – J. Addison

Did we help you solve a problem as you expected?

Did we help you solve a problem as you expected?

“I’d never heard of the escalation clause before. I learned something completely new and that helped us secure the deal after two years. It was awesome!” – Ray A.

“I was in a predicament: I needed to rent my home and move quickly. They quickly found renters I felt comfortable with and took care of every detail so I could focus on my move.” – Karen

“Well, nothing really surprised me. I expected strong, professional expertise and that’s exactly what I experienced.” – Jami

“Their contractors performed needed repairs and upgrades to our property prior to showing it, which achieved faster and better results for the buyer and the seller.” – Patrick

“They made me feel like family.” – Jami

What surprised you about Armida Rose?

What surprised you about Armida Rose?

“I was fascinated at how easily they staged my home and made it beautiful and desirable.” – Patrick

“The entire process was stress-free. Armida Rose takes fear and worry out of releasing your beloved property to falling in love with a new beloved property!” – Diana

“They genuinely wanted to know us and to understand what we were hoping to achieve—it was about much more than just making a sale of a particular house.” – Jared

“They helped keep our dream alive and, most importantly, helped it to come true!” – James

“How quickly they responded to our questions, even on weekends or holidays—they were really there to support us!” – Wei, Z

“They stayed with us through the entire journey—six houses viewed over more than two years!—until we found our new home, a home we absolutely love!” – J. A.

“What we liked most, and what we’re very grateful for, is the relationship we were able to build with our agent. It seems odd to even use that word, ‘agent,’ because over two years, we consider them to be a friend.” – J.S.