Charley Pollard
Charley Pollard
Artist | Connector | Dedicated

Charley Pollard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

As an individual driven by artistic inclinations, Charley Pollard has joined the Armida Rose team infused with a vibrant passion for real estate, which draws its energy from her deep appreciation of history and architecture.

Charley’s upbringing was steeped in strong family values, leaving an indelible mark on the principles she upholds today. Furthermore, her upbringing left her with a profound appreciation for timeless architectural marvels and the long-lasting impact they have on their communities.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate Development from the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California, she discovered a fascination with the dynamic aspects of the industry. The process of crafting business development packages, coupled with delving into the history and essence of architecture, held a captivating allure. Through this blending of financial and architectural appreciation, Charley found her way into real estate.

Charley is also actively involved in her family’s business, where she collaborates with her father in her role as the operations and event manager. Furthermore, she has the unique opportunity to be an integral part of her dad’s development team, granting her the firsthand experience of the multifaceted processes required to bring a vision to fruition and establish a thriving community that fosters growth and redevelopment.

As a naturally sociable individual with a knack for forging connections, Charley seamlessly combines her aspiration to nurture relationships within communities with her deep passion for the real estate sector. She eagerly anticipates her future endeavors, whether it involves assisting investors in discovering the perfect investment opportunity, contributing to innovative concepts for developing vacant land, or facilitating residential transactions for clients looking to buy or sell their homes.